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London Fire Brigade's award winning Twitter feed. Tweets about serious, high profile or unusual incidents attended across London. Also at http://t.co/xO4WnnmNeO

Latest Scoops

Unsafe disposal of smoking materials believed to be the cause of #Tottenham fire at an industrial unit being used as a church https://t.co/6xuRvOqvPf
Are you a young person aged 11-17 and want to meet firefighters from across London and have your opinions heard? Save the date! Our annual Youth Conference takes places on Saturday 17th March at our HQ. For more information, email life4@london-fire.gov.uk
Our excellent #LFBLIFE youth programme alongside The Youth Action Alliance gave young people affected by #Grenfell an opportunity to build their confidence & hopefully inspired the next generation of firefighters at Fir#Chelseae Station © https://t.co/STyYlQSfCg@GrenfellMRU
#Soho fire station celebrated #ChineseNewYear by opening its doors to the community. People were able to speak to their local firefighters about fire safety, kids got to sit inside fire engines & we#Kensingtonr@LFBFireCadetse on hand to help out & promote our youth schemes.
#LoveYourPetDay - meet Sherlock, not technically a pet but a specially trained fire investigation dog. He can identify a variety of ignitable substances to assist with criminal investigations & help determine whether a fire has been started deliberately https://t.co/iaUQjsPIZI
The quick actions of firefighters prevented significant damage to the sports pavilion in #Tottenham https://t.co/R6CaQg4iBW
Want to know what firefighters are up to in #Hainault, #Woodford & #Ilford then follow @LfbRedbridge
Firefighters rescue woman from #Chelsea flat fire after cooking left unattended. Thankfully a smoke alarm alerted a neighbour who called the Brigade https://t.co/bLesS4Vz9J
Smoke alarm alerts woman to a fire in #Chingford fast food restaurant below. She escapes without injury https://t.co/d9dThIgDjb
Domestic sprinkler system quickly puts out #Poplar kitchen fire after residents leave chip pan unattended https://t.co/qvd2FjFcYI
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