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London Fire Brigade's award winning Twitter feed. Tweets about serious, high profile or unusual incidents attended across London. Also at http://t.co/xO4WnnmNeO

Latest Scoops

The firefighters memorial hall at our former HQ in #Lambeth is a unique tribute to #London firefighters who’ve lost their lives on duty. On 31st August our museum team are holding a special event there for all the family with @HistoricEngland https://t.co/fXzIETv2Ey
#FireCadets from across the country will put their skills to the test in the first ever @FireCadetsGames @CrystalPalacePK on 18-19 August. Get your free tickets and join the fun! https://t.co/uuKcyBRuMr
Come join #Lewisham firefighters for their station's open day on 18 August from 12pm. Kids will be able to look around the vehicles, use the fire hose, & try on the fire gear. There will also be an ice cream van, face-painting, a bouncy castle & much more https://t.co/AzzBTRVQm1
Firefighters were called to a bus alight in Praed Street in #Paddington this morning. There are no reports of any injuries https://t.co/SBW86IIk0b © @dougmorton
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Max the Jack Russell was rescued by firefighters after he got himself in a bit of a predicament on a window ledge in #MaidaVale The curious canine managed to get out of a window and edged his way along - then realised he couldn't turn back. https://t.co/oisjSVw84O © Susan Thomas
Parrot owner: To bond with her say 'I love you'
Firefighter: 'I love you'
Jessie the Parrot: 'I love you'
Jessie then turned the air blue & flipped the firefighter the bird. Read the story of the potty-mouthed parrot in Cuckoo Hall Lane ©https://t.co/Th2nlVkOJ8 @PaulWood1961
Firefighters tackled a fire at a pub believed to have been caused by a faulty industrial refrigeration unit on Downshire Hill, in #WestHampstead https://t.co/w9A7p7Xer1
Firefighters rescued five people after an electric unicycle caught fire at a flat in #Deptford earlier this morning. Fortunately, no one was injured. Follow our tips on how to keep safe from electrical fires https://t.co/Z8eHSJzihd
Get out, stay out, call 999! A woman had a lucky escape after going back to tackle a fire that had started in a maisonette in #WoodfordGreen. Firefighters rescued her from the property https://t.co/wIbjAvFGkI
A memorial garden has been opened at #Beckenham fire station to honour Watch Manager Danny Haxton & Firefighter Mark Hilder who passed away last year. Their friends & family attended the launch of the garden, which has been created by crews at the station.
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