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Liz Sly

Washington Post Beirut bureau chief covering Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and beyond. RT=Gosh, hmm or huh. Likes are my filing cabinet, not “likes”.

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Talks began today between Lebanon & Israel over their disputed maritime border. The first proper talks ever between the two enemies (1983 doesn’t count). Is it a soft normalization? Probably not. But you never know....By @SarahDadouch  & @reglash 

Huge congratulations to @hxhassan  @fasyalitani  @kshaheen  @RashaElass  & all the brilliant people behind the launch of @newlinesmag , which aims to fill all the many gaps in existing Middle East reporting with deeper and more thoughtful pieces. The first issue is a gem.

Last month, @siobhan_ogrady  wrote this beautiful story about a baker whose little manoucheh shop was blown up in the Beirut port explosion. Tomorrow, he is reopening again, after a GoFundMe campaign helped pay for the repairs

One of the wildfires blazing out of control in Syria, in the coastal province of Latakia.

Lebanon is literally burning down. Between the port explosion and the forest fires raging today the country has been on fire or blowing up somewhere almost every day for the past 2 months. It has no capacity to fight or prevent the daily disasters

Five fantastic vacancies on the @washingtonpost  foreign staff - that’s right, FIVE. We’re looking for bureau chiefs in Brussels, Cairo, India & Japan/Korea as well as a Europe-based global reporter to cover war zones & crises. Come work with us!

Syria has arrested dozens of officers who might have information about the prison locations where Austin Tice has been held, @SyriaFiles  reports. Follows the WSJ scoop about Trump officials visiting Damascus

Fascinating by @DionNissenbaum  on the secret role played by a US general, now in the White House, in securing the Abraham Accords. He had secretly rescued MBZ’s nephew/son-in-law in Yemen and was very close to the UAE royal family.


The US military confirms an ongoing rocket attack on Al-Asad airbase where US troops are based. It’s the one Trump said Iraq would have to pay for if the US leaves.

Here is one of the horrifying videos coming out of Douma in Syria tonight showing the aftermath of what seems to be a chemical gas attack. These people were hiding underground from the bombing, leaving them more vulnerable to gas.

Iceland currently has the highest per capita coronavirus infection rate in the world. But that’s not a bad thing. Because of its small population it is testing everybody, revealing a lot about the virus. Eg, half of all carriers exhibit no symptoms at all.

This is sickening to watch. Desperate people at risk of capsizing being shot at by Greek forces. What has happened to the world.

People coming out of Mosul. I don't think we have any idea what a humanitarian tragedy this has been

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Turkey, Spain & Czech are throwing out 1000s of tests sent by China because they don’t work. The Netherlands just announced nearly half of its Chinese tests are faulty. China’s coronavirus diplomacy suddenly not going so well.

Lebanon’s Tripoli is out of control tonight. Fires burning, shots fired, people injured. The economy is in total free fall, aggravated but not caused by the coronavirus lockdown. People are desperate.