Equity #futures  squeeze to June-May highs but momentum lags, as liquidity dries up $FTSE $SPY $DAX #Eurostoxx50 

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A black woman inadvertently drove into a protest scene. Philly cops pulled her from her car and beat her in front of her toddler. America’s largest police union then posted a photo of the boy and claimed his mother had abandoned him on the street.

JUST POSTED: @MotherJones  and @openDemocracy  investigate how Trump impeachment lawyer Jay Sekulow's group has sent millions of dollars to an affiliate in Moscow run by an activist tied to Putin's regime.

Many assume young people are apathetic and won’t vote. In 2018, young Americans proved those people wrong when they mobilized to help elect a new generation of leaders. This year, the youth vote is more than 48 million strong — and it could once again make all the difference.

My brother is paying the price of calling Maharashtra CM a modern-day Aurangzeb & his son, a baby penguin – the terms coined by NCP leaders who are currently in govt with them: Rishi Thakkar, brother of Sameet Thakkar to ANI.

Anyone who cherishes liberty, equality, stands with the French President. He did not insult Prophet Mohammad: @ARangarajan1972 , author, tells Rahul Shivshankar on India Upfront. #IndiaWillBackFrance 

A strong earthquake struck the Aegean Sea and was felt in both Greece and Turkey, where some buildings collapsed in the coastal province of Izmir, authorities say

An 85-year-old primary school in Shanghai has been lifted off the ground — in its entirety — and relocated using new technology dubbed the "walking machine."

More than one million voters under the age of 30 have already cast their ballots in Texas — that’s almost a 165% increase from all of 2016: "Younger voters could turn Texas blue this year. It's a real possibility for the first time" @JanetShamlian  reports

EXCLUSIVE: @RashidaTlaib  and @Ocasio2018  are proposing a new bill that would foster the creation of public banks across the country — with the aim of encouraging investments in public resources such as affordable housing and renewable energy projects.