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#Mood Look, some days you just ain't with it. Even when folks try and love up on you. #ImGoodLuvEnjoy  #IsItFridayYet 

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#WINNER 3rd FULL ALBUM [Remember] SPECIAL TRACK MOVING POSTER : MINO 3rd FULL ALBUM ‘Remember’ ✅2020.04.09 6PM #Wemember_Remember  #위너 #MINO  #송민호 #3rdFullAlbum  #SpecialTracks  #MovingPoster  #컬러링 #ColorRing  #AlbumRelease  #20200409_6pm  #YG 

Donald Trump urges PM @narendramodi  to lift export hold on anti-malaria drug for Covid-19 treatment (report by @yashwantraj )

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Twitter is more addictive than cigarettes according to a recent scientific study.

Sometimes the best way to appreciate something is to be without it for a while.

Today 8 pm 😊 @MOGBeatz  x @mastergarzy  #BehindDaHitz  GHGHGH 🔥🔥🔥🔥 we celebrate GH music

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A lady with a hat made out of diamonds and a spare 775 room house in London is going on TV later, to tell us how much she cares

Being nice to someone you don't like doesn't mean you're fake, it means you're mature enough to tolerate your dislike for them.

‘There’ll be a lot of deaths’: Donald Trump tells US as #Covid19  cases surge Read:

Sometimes we don't need advice. We just need somebody to listen.