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I just signed a law banning "Zuckerbucks" in Texas. It bans private groups like the one supported by Zuckerberg from spending millions to administer elections like Zuckerberg & others did in Texas. That is a government function not to be messed with by election influencers.

FRANCE: Man who slapped president Macron has been sentenced to four months imprisonment

‘Most of the victims were innocent bystanders,’ Austin Police Department InterimChief Joseph Chacon said after two men opened fire at each other in a busy entertainment district in downtown Austin, Texas, injuring 14 people

Man gets 10-year sentence for attacking and coughing on person who asked him to pull up mask

Canada's Trudeau called for concerted G7 approach to China - source

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Millions of Americans believe in commonsense gun violence prevention laws, yet Congress has failed to act. As we mark five years since a gunman killed 49 people at Pulse, we demand change from our elected leaders. #Pulse5YearsLater  #HonorThemWithAction 

32 years ago in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, peaceful protesters calling for political reform were brutally crushed. Since then, China has suppressed those who seek to tell the truth and commemorate June 4. The memory will never fade. The world will never forget.

TV anchor and former Alabama football player Christopher Sign has died. I never met him but know his work: At KNXV-TV in Phoenix, Sign broke the news of the secret tarmac meeting between former President Bill Clinton and AG Loretta Lynch. #RIPSign  🙏🏼

ICYMI: Activists in the UK sketched the G7 leaders in the sand in Newquay, England, calling on the leaders to waive patents on vaccine