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JUST NOW, in this and other towns in France (Draguignan) !!
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GOING FISHING. (Or at least going on vacation - fishing forecast uncertain.) Will be happy to jump back in when we all return.
From Homeland Security Chairman Johnson:
2. He told VP Pence at Senate lunch today that the admin. needs to be more transparent and put out what it knows #s- , issues - when it knows it.
3. He spoke to HHS Sec. Azar this am, hopes to speak to DHS Sec. Nielsen today.
NEW - Homeland Security Chairman Ron Johnson told me:

1. Only recently have HHS and DHS given immigrants "family reunification" numbers - ways to correspond cases of parents and family. (He didn't recall exact date.)
NOW - all three branches: GOP Leader McConnell and VP Pence flank SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh at his first Cap Hill meeting.

Kavanaugh keeps a steady smile, blinks, stays silent.

These guys all know how to do this.

There is a current Dem who voted yes for Kavanaugh to sit on Appeals Court in 2007.

Sen. @TomCarperforDE
https://t.co/CJZTmbR2dU may have crashed.

(Not coming up on my tries...)

Schumer: "President Trump has put reproductive rights and freedoms and health care protections for millions of Americans on the judicial chopping block"


Warner: "There is much at stake with President Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh ...'
NOT VOTING EITHER YAY OR NAY on Kavanaugh's nomination for appeals court in 2006: 7 senators.

All but one are one.

That one is Sen. John Thune, R-SD.
NOW: GOP senators literally off into the sunset (actually to the WH) from the Capitol. Can report: they were super happy. And all we spoke w said they didn't know the pick.
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