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NOW: Speaker Ryan just stressed the coming need for more workers in the U.S.

But worth noting he stressed the issue of low birth rates - need to increase birth rates. Missed other major part of what was traditional U.S. answer to this: immigration.
SPEAKER RYAN: The IRS Is already preparing new withholding tables to (be ready to) implement this bill.
Cannot stress enough what a big story this is in the Palmetto State. I'm amazed from a distance.

- Pro: The WH (finally) understands the benefit of showing the president w/ everyday families who like this bill.

- Con: Remember the last time he took an early victory lap (ish)..
Rethinking, revising this first thought.

AL - if Roy Moore wins:

He will dominate space and time inside the Capitol, for a few days.

And then intermittently.
AL - if Roy Moore wins:

1. He will dominate space and time inside the Capitol when there.
2. He might strain rules about speaking against fellow senators (mccconnell) directly.
3. Expel? debate will be v tough.
4. We have no idea how he'd approach a budget showdown.
AL - IF Doug Jones wins:

1. Tax reform negotiations get hyperdrive that makes "by Xmas" nearly certain/necessary for GOP.

2. BUT Dems get serious new mojo in end-of-year negotiations. Whole lotta calculus could change.
1. They could be wildly wrong.

If right poss keys:

a) the gender split on independents - ind. women voted for Jones by margin nearly 3x margin ind. men voted Moore.

b) Dem men turnout - much lower than GOP men turnout. (14% to 24%).
SURROGACY: So the thing is that there are many reputable services that will find you a surrogate for much, much less than $5 million. Like 1% of that.
...After discussing options with my family, we came to the conclusion that the best thing for our family now would be for me to tender my previous resignation effective today, December 8th, 2017."
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