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MCCONNELL and POCAHONTAS: Asked about remarks last night in which he called Elizabeth Warren "Pocahontas" - does he see that as fair game?

McConnell: I have no comment about that.
MCCONNELL NOW on SAUDI ARABIA: "This particular incident will really challenge (our relationship)."
THIS. NEW: McConnell was just asked if it's possible to move President Trump toward cutting/reforming entitlements.

McConnell: "I don't think so."

He went on to agree that entitlements will have to wait for another president and bipartisan action.

(@Phil_Mattingly's q)
MCCCONNELL NOW: It's pretty obvious we have very competitive races (all over). It's like a knife fight, everyone is doing what they can to win.
MCCONNELL to us now: touts Kavanaugh effect in Montana, Missouri and Indiana Senate races specifically.

Says he also sees continued rise in interest from GOP and Kavanaugh is one reason.
REQUEST for you Twitter.

Looking for thoughtful, **undecided voters in New Jersey*. For upcoming story.

Know any? Would be grateful for recommendations! Send Twitter handles or message me so we can DM.
Sidenote to add to all of this: Those of us watching, just saw Kanye enter his phone password.

And it looked really uncomplicated.
KANYE REPLAY NOW from Oval Office and indeed a long continuous sentence. So far including:
- Anti-Trump bias (and anti-MAGA hat bias)
- Growing up w/ out dad at home
- His business and millions/billions
- Bringing jobs
- Montessori
- theWaldorf-Astoria.

Trump has yet to speak.
REMINDER, Haley is one of:
- 6 women on the Trump cabinet. (Out of 24 members.)

- 4 people of color on the cabinet.

- If she were replaced by a white man, the cabinet would go from 66% white men to 70% white men.

- The nation, in contrast, is 31% white men.
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