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Correspondent for @NewsHour, the commercial-free craft beer of news (with less attitude). Chester Arthur is still my favorite president.

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Breaking: DC's new baby eagle is eating lunch right now.

Congress wants to pass a massive bill this week (+ avoid a shutdown).

BUT they haven't finished writing it yet.

THIS WACKY OMNIBUS: my piece attempting to answer all your questions. Including "when". Here.

wow wow wow (Nevada.)
FYI, America, the tournament remains amazing. Two crazy games NOW.

.@PressSec says last night POTUS told *her* to pass along a message to McMaster to not be concerned about the idea of any upcoming job decisions.

- Short is right that a large number of nominees are unconfirmed in the Senate.

- There are even more vacancies in this admin. due to lack of nominating anyone for open spots.

NOW: @marcshort blasting the Dems in the Senate for forcing dozens of cloture votes on nominations, bogging down the process.
Bracket demolished.
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