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1. It is notable to hear McConnell directly call out racism. (And not the first time, but he and gop senators don’t go there often. Usually saying “disciminatjon” or other. ) 2. But asking his office what “residual racism” means.

How did Senate GOP respond to Mattis? (Former Sec. of Defense saying Pres. Trump has divided the country and makes a mockery of the Constitution) Here's how. We complied the quotes from those who spoke w/ Cap HIll reporters today.

NOW: --> @SenTomCotton  issued a statement about the violence against police last night, saying they were not given the support they need. -->He ended it writing, "The only way to end this insurrection is the overwhelming display of force.”

McConnell when asked what congress should do about racial discrimination and police accountability: “There may be a role for Congress in this” and “we need to take a look at this.” Talks about deaths - including of Breonna Taylor in KY - saying there is a real reason for concern

McConnell now: “there is no question there is residual racism in America.”

NOW: Incredibly moving testimony on an @HispanicCaucus  phone call, from a Latina woman who: - Came here to give her kids a better life - Now is working in nursing home's COVID unit, with sick patients who also have dementia. "I touch the monster", she said. 1/

@lizzieohreally  There are over 40 kinds of George Foreman grills. Just pointing that out b/c I will not likely have another chance as good as this.

NOW. Watching Rocky IV. (Need a break from the news.) Crowd scene at the big fight. Our 4-year-old son: "Why isn't anyone wearing a mask??"


CDC: The American ppl should prepare for the possibility that their lives may be disrupted b/c of coronavirus. Says ppl may have to stay home from work, schools and daycares may close. And ppl should make plans for how to handle that, now. (Telecommuting, child care plans.)

MANCHESTER, NH: the line for tonight’s @realDonaldTrump  rally is blocks and blocks long, 5 hours ahead.

From sources all over the Capitol: - POTUS DOES have right to enter the House chamber, at anytime. - That includes if they are out of session, technically. - But he can't speak from podium or dais w/out express House permission. I can't believe I'm writing all this.

WHAT HAS YOUR SENATOR ASKED? And why am I screaming that? Just for you - we are making our nerdy spreadsheet public. Filling out in real time (you can watch). Consider an RT. It's a labor of love.

NOW: Police and staff are keeping all seats for the public empty. No more public inside. There is a line outside, unclear if this is temporary. This is why you hear no more protests.

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The European Union just released an incredible statement: "The Coronavirus is a global crisis... and it requires cooperation... The European Union disapproves of the fact that the U.S. decision to impose a travel ban was taken unilaterally and without consultation. 1/

SCHUMER: The president slammed the table, asked Speaker Pelosi if she would support his wall and when she said no, he walked out and said "we have nothing to talk about".

THIS. HHS inspector gen report on separated kids: - The process increased trauma - Some kids thought their parents had abandoned them - Separated kids sometimes isolated themselves, even refusing to eat - HHS was not prepared for this level of trauma

THIS. JUST POSTED: The Biden story @DanielBush  and I have been working on for more than 2 weeks. We spoke w 74 former Biden staffers, including some who remember Reade, about the allegations, how Biden treated them, his touching habit, and a lot more.