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"This is a long-overdue step towards tackling tax avoidance by some of the most profitable companies in the world." "It is crucial we push ahead with these steps in order to prevent tech giants exploiting loopholes in our tax system." - @Cajardine 

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Two years ago today, Boris Johnson became Prime Minister. Since then, he's continued to fail Britain. Watch this and pass it on.👇

Got a message on high value transaction from tax department? Know how to respond Read here:

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Snoopgate scandal: In an exclusive conversation with India Today's @Geeta_Mohan , Israeli journalist Oded Yaron@haaretz ) speaks on non-transparency of MoD & organisations such as NSO in the name of 'security matters'. #Pegasus  #ReporterDiary  Full video -

Geraint Thomas tweets after abandoning the road race following that early crash #Olympics 

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Days after Kerala's first transgender radio jockey, Anannyah Kumari Alex, was found hanging inside an apartment in Kochi, her partner Jiju Raj was also found dead at his friend's apartment on Friday. @gopitrivandrum  gets us more on this story. #ITVideo 

Motorway closed after unexploded World War Two bomb found on new housing estate

Latest on men's #cycling  #roadrace  There are less than 70km remaining and the peloton is heading back down Mount Fuji after that long climb.

Katherine Waterston interview: ‘It’s still pretty much a nightmare to be a woman’