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Liberal Democrats demand better for Britain. Data protection:

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EU citizens have built lives here, brought up families here and made the UK their home. Help us give security to every European citizen in Britain and guarantee their Right To Stay - sign this petition and add your voice to ours:

People across the country are anxious & concerned about Coronavirus: they want to see leadership & hear what is being done to prepare for a potential outbreak. With the NHS already so stretched, it’s gobsmacking that the Boris Johnson has delayed chairing COBRA for so long.

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"If you have end-to-end encryption stopped, it stops for everyone. It wouldn't just be the security services who could look at people's information, it would be criminals, it would be fraudsters." - @Cajardine 

"The UK cannot combat the climate crisis if we continue to expand airports" - @SiobhanBenita  We've halted a third runway at Heathrow now we need to stop all airport expansion. Sign the petition to call on the UK Government not to allow airport expansion➡️

With the resignation of Sir Philip Rutnam, we need to be asking serious questions about the culture that is being created in the Home Office. The way these Conservatives are treating public servants and trying to undermine the rule of law is outrageous.

The Tories are acting just like Donald Trump, putting ideology ahead of competence, and it’s the British people who will pay the price.

"These alarming figures show the utter failure of Tory ministers to keep people safe from crimes involving offensive weapons, especially knives." @Cajardine 


The UK has a moral and legal duty to the people of Hong Kong. We must stand with them as their rights are threatened. Add your name to back our campaign.

This is an outrageous attack on democracy. By suspending Parliament to force through No Deal, the Govt are removing the voice of the people at the most important time It's a dangerous & unacceptable course of action which #LibDems  will strongly oppose

Suella Braverman is unfit to serve as Attorney General. She is intent on weakening our courts as the Government’s chief legal adviser. LibDems will not allow this dangerous, authoritarian Conservative Government to undermine the rule of law. #reshuffle 

It is with great sadness that we announce that Paddy Ashdown passed away earlier this evening following a short illness.

"Whenever the election comes, our position is clear and unequivocal. A majority Lib Dem government would not renegotiate Brexit, we would cancel it by revoking article 50 and remaining in the EU." @joswinson  on a new proposal to be voted on at conference