Hey guys big news u can now buy tickets too @itsjamiescott  first solo show. It's in LA on 10th Nov enjoyyyyyy!!

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I’m the highest in the room

Me at the beginning of the weekend vs. at the end of the weekend #HarleysInHawaii 

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We gathered 25 of our favorite #RedVelvet  songs. Is your No. 1 the same as ours?

@twerk4cam Thank you for the ❤️! Expect to get a reminder tweet on October 23 so you don't miss the premiere! In the meantime, here's something to get you hype for #TheOvalOnBET  and #SistasOnBET !

“We traverse towns and cities across this country, and we’re often unaware of the history and the artifacts literally beneath our feet.” Learn about the long-lost Seneca Village, a Black community destroyed by the creation of Central Park.

This is for anyone currently in a relationship: make sure to spend time alone too. That’s the main reason so many couples don’t work out, they want to be around each other 24/7... THATS. NOT. HEALTHY!! I understand the honeymoon phase is cool and all but take your time!

Portland! November 5. Let’s show how strong we are even in “blue” country. How sweet it would be for us to win Oregon next year! @brandopolitics 

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Camila Cabello has something to say about those Shawn Mendes breakup rumors.