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UPDATE: We can’t get a single Tory MP to come on @GMB  tomorrow to defend their Government. There are 365 of them. Has there ever been a more gutless bunch of cowards in the history of Parliament? One of you grow a pair - we’ll take any of you.

If anybody knows me, they know that I welcome all races, all faces in all places...as long as you don’t try to come with that bullshit.

Thank you to all the protesters around the world fighting for whats right. Protect Black lives #BlackLivesMatter .

Obama is not only the chief conspirator behind the Deep State plot against Trump; he also promoted the Alinskyite exploitation of racial grievance that has led to the current orgy of domestic terrorism. In electing Obama, America sowed the wind and has reaped the whirlwind!

One thing’s for sure.. the Govt’s no longer ‘following the science’ & the British people are no longer (post Cummings) following the rules.

Patriotism isn’t just the blind love of our flag. It is the work we do to improve our country for every American. I want the unlimited opportunity that drew me here in 1968 to exist for every American, regardless of skin color.

As we have seen explicitly proven in the past few days... police brutality is not a case of a few bad apples. The orchard is fucked. What the good apples stand by and allow the bad apples to do, means the rot has reached them all.

‘Anonymous’ hackers reemerge after Minneapolis Police Department’s website crash, threaten to “expose [MPD’s] many crimes to the world.” Story:

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