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Letters of Note: Portable Edition - in shops October 2016! All tweets are by professional snooper @shaunusher and reflect his views very accurately.

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It’s “president.”
Delete your whole account Mike
Finally, I’m told there are Speeches of Note ads like this on the tube at the moment. Pls take a pic if you see one. I don’t live in London, centre of the world, so may not get a chance. Thanks.
And this is the special edition which will be winging its way to all who originally pledged throug @unboundersh about 20yrs ago. It’s stunning. Thanks so much for backing this book x
IT'S THE PERFECT XMAS PRESENT. Plus there's an audiobook, also out today, featuring original recordings in instances where we could find/use them. For others, we've asked people with nice voices to re-do them for us. All very exciting. Not nervous at allhttps://t.co/6V8Gd78QKn.
Speeches of Note is out today 😬. A gorgeous big book filled with speeches old, new & undelivered, with photos, illustrations, facsimiles. Feat. Picasso, V. Woolf, , Ti@nickcavelda Swinton, , Ma@Malalark Twain, , , @ursulaleguinKe@MhairiBlackrmit & others! https://t.co/6V8Gd78QKn
Wasn't talking to London bastards
Whenever I'm feeling down I just scroll through my Letters of Note search history
I’m doing a special pre-publication event about my new book #SpeechesOfNote @LinghamsBooks on Mon 18 Sept 7pm. You’d better come. Seriously. https://t.co/6BC8GEI9u9
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