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Letters of Note: Portable Edition - in shops October 2016! All tweets are by professional snooper @shaunusher and reflect his views very accurately.

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Mark Twain, cat namer extraordinaire
Finished it a few days ago and I am elated and proud. It’s a gorgeous book. Goes to print next week.
It’s Father’s Day soon and I gotta say, the Letters of Note books are excellent gifts for dads of all types. Even if your pa already has a copy, give him another one. He’ll love that. In fact, buy him a few copies and just watch his face. He’ll be ecstatic.
@instapaper @InstapaperHelp So, have you just given up on Europe? Will I ever see my saved links again?
The nyrb logo on the black volume is too far to the left and to be honest it's making me uncomfortable
Great timing, thanks. Currently under attack.
He’s not even mentioned his brother’s books ffs
@StickyWalnut It’s actually embarrassing how quick this is happening
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