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Letters of Note: Portable Edition - in shops October 2016! All tweets are by professional snooper @shaunusher and reflect his views very accurately.

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I really don’t want to tell you how to live your #life but I do need to make it clear that Letters of Note, More Letters of Note, Lists of Note, #and Speeches of Note are all available to #buy and, uhh, they all make great gifts for literally anyone and, uhhh, it’s almost #Xmas
It’s exactly #100years since women first voted in a UK general election. 5 years before that momentous day, Bertha Brewster wrote to the Telegraph.
On this day in 1936, Virginia Woolf wrote a superb letter to ahhhh ffs forget it, just forget it, nothing matters, clear your desk, shut everything down, find a weapon, avoid raw meat, bury your letters, merry xmas
Enormous thanks to the great , our Voice of God at Letters Live. Ages ago, backstage, he showed me his copy of that Kirk Douglas letter, let me take it home, and I failed to return it. Paul, I'm sending it back x
Kirk Douglas turns 102 today, the news of which reminded me of that gem of a letter, which somehow was yet to make it onto the LoN site. Well, now it's there.
Days before Hollywood legend Gary Cooper died of cancer, he received a fan letter from Kirk Douglas, and it really is a beauty. Full letter here: https://t.co/VZmJ98KA5I
The winner of the books is.... @theedbell.

Please don’t live in Australia. Please don’t live in Australia. Please don’t live in Australia.
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