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It's all just a cosmic joke @fifthharmony

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Swipe for a message from my artist ass self missing deadlines😩 I LOVE YOU WITH MY WHOLE SOUL AND IM SO SO SO SORRY BUT! the single release has been changed to October 24th!! It will be… https://t.co/oEpORw0LcU
Let the magic begin✨
Honestly, if you’re not positive and you’re tagging me in/sending me trash, I’m gonna block you. I have no time for anyone making me feel uncomfortable. If you’re showing love though, know that I see you and appreciate and love you sooooo much✨💕✨
Blessed to be on the cover of the incredible @coupdemain's new issue out this month. Pre-order my zine here: https://t.co/RdqSIkXYM8
Wait..yo quiero ver esto...
Thank you @harpersbazaarus for a lovely night! Watching @xtina perform Fighter live was a highlight of my entire existence😍 thank you for gracing us with your queen energy! #BazaarIcons
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