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It's all just a cosmic joke @fifthharmony

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A man who is ignorant enough to ban refugees from war torn countries should never be the voice of a people he chooses to silence. #IStandWithPalestine and if you keep up with History, so should you. This all needs to stop..every day is a tragedy, an apology, an erasure of history
If you disrespect, don't expect
Thankyou for this dope article @DuJourMedia https://t.co/kdvU9cBXbu
I declare that we as a nation will rise with wisdom. That we will all come together to combat the darkness that is threatening to enslave humanity. I reject the notion that the darkness will win because I believe in the light of each individual who is affected. We are stronger.
ALSO some incredibly talented MEN who speak so much truth & spread light @kendricklamar @S_C_ @thegreatkhalid @donaldglover @BrunoMarsL@daddy_yankeeo@LuisFonsio@justinbieberk @ this yall. GREATS! connection, culture! These humans are helping shift the paradigm. Listen close!
So many beautiful talented women/friends of mine are nominated & ughh it's so amazing to see @alessiacara!@sza!@lorde!@imjmichaels!#Kehlani thrive! I'm so inspired by each of you & my heart is filled with pride & joy that you're all being acknowledged for the talents you are
These @RecordingAcad NOMINATIONS THOOOOO I'm SCREAMING everyone is so GODDAMN deserving!!! Yessssssss🙌🏼🙌🏼
Thank you to any and everyone who has taken a listen or shared it or streamed it or added to a playlist I love you✨
I'll be performing #AllNight with @steveaoki on the 24th of November at @STORYmiami !! Come through if you wanna turn uppp with us💞❤💞
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