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It's all just a cosmic joke @fifthharmony

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Baby girls, you are not the vessel for anyone else’s pain. It is not your duty to heal anyone but yourself. There is no love in self sacrifice. Be kind to yourself, love yourself, know that the voice deep in your heart telling you you deserve better is right, and follow her.
Truthfully, I absolutely love writing music. Lyrics are the best puzzle😍
The word responsible keeps coming up in my energy. Hold yourself and only yourself responsible for your failures, faults, and weaknesses. As soon as you own them or start trying to, you realize you’re the only one holding yourself back from being your full self.
Also because I see a lot of people talking about this administration. This administration definitely went blatant fascist on these latest policies but make no mistake, these centers have been around for longer than trump has been president and they are the very foundation of
OUT NOW TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK I LOVE YOU!!! @halsey #StrangersVideo https://t.co/A7eZdbKp5w
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Mexicoooo!! Gracias por tu energia y luzz!! What an amazing end to this amazing tour!! Gracias a todos que vinieron temprano para verme y a todos que han aprendido la letra de MIS canciones para cantar conmigo. Fue una magia de la cual jamas me olvidaré✨✨✨✨✨
This videos a masterpiece. Look after look after look after look, I’m obsessed @troyesivan https://t.co/lJkV3vJPw1
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