December / Kenyans National Honours Advisory

On 12th December 2018, we should honour deserving Kenyans who are always ignored by the National Honours Advisory Committee because they don’t know the right people or don’t have the right last names. Please RT if you would like to support or get involved

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December / Kenyans National Honours Advisory

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SpaceX will launch its first 4 tourists into orbit as soon as 2021 (by @napilopez )

Gigabyte Updates its Ultra-Compact Brix PC With 10th-Gen Intel Chips

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Stop the propaganda. He’s not a “commie.” He’s a Democratic Communist. Please.

“During his Senate impeachment trial, Democrats repeatedly asserted that President Trump is ‘not above the law.’ But since his acquittal two weeks ago,analysts say,the president has taken a series of steps aimed at showing that, essentially, he is the law”

Time to play this on repeat again .. hit it all summer and it’s time again ☀️☀️☀️☀️

Elon Musk: Everyone developing AI must be regulated — even Tesla (by @thomas_macaulay )

I can’t believe no one thought to make a keyboard with USB-C hub ports until now

Windows 10 dark mode. That's it. That's the tweet. 😈