Blind Luck Decided Lived

On September 11, Blind Luck Decided Who Lived or Died: one of the better and most heartbreaking pieces I’ve read on 9/11 in quite some time. #NeverForget 

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Blind Luck Decided Lived

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Japan Airlines has said it will retire the phrase “ladies and gentlemen” from in-flight announcements made in English. Gender-neutral language will be used from October 1.

“I truly believe that what we’re seeing right now is the beginning of the end for Donald Trump," Michael Cohen says, following NY Times report on President Trump's tax records.

“Voters across Brooklyn yesterday received their absentee ballots — but with the wrong name & address on the return envelope in many cases. As a Sheepshead Bay woman who got a stranger’s envelope noted, ‘It's like they messed this up in a big way.’”

NEW: Three times last week, the Justice Department released explosive documents about politically sensitive cases. And three times the president folded them into his campaign speeches within hours.

Kentucky's AG says he will comply with an order to release transcripts from grand jury deliberations on the killing of #Breonna Taylor. A juror says he misrepresented proceedings "to deflect accountability" and did not not give them an option to indict police for killing Taylor.

Supreme Court directs all the state governments to ensure that dry ration is provided to sex workers without insisting on any proof of identification

Decades of tax information that President Trump has tried to hide from the public provides a detailed view of his business career, revealing huge losses, looming financial threats and a large, contested refund from the IRS.

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Casualties mount as battles rage on between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh region

As many as 90% of Americans are still vulnerable to coronavirus infection, the CDC and leading experts have concluded.

The coronavirus has now killed more than 1M people worldwide. As schools reopen across the country, a new study shows more of America's children have contracted COVID-19 than previously thought. @DavidBegnaud  has more, plus the Trump administration's plan to increase testing.