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Michigan State football 2019 game-by-game predictions

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@halsey  performs "Dear Mr. President" on @ABCNetwork . @BTS_twt  on why the artist is one of the most influential people of 2020 #TIME100 

"Are elderly people now disposable in this society?" asks @andersoncooper  on Trump's Covid-19 remarks "Is that the country we want to live in? If so, the President might want to look in the mirror, or get on a scale, because he is elderly and obesity is an underlying condition."

Cindy McCain, the widow of Sen. John McCain, has crossed party lines to offer her endorsement of Joe Biden.

“Megan @theestallion  rode the beat like I’d never heard anybody ride the beat in a long time—and I’m a hip-hop head. There was something about this woman. Once you discover her, you become a fan,” @TherealTaraji  writes #TIME100 

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An American president celebrates a mob assault on an American journalist. And he claims to be the law-and-order candidate?

Introducing the 2020 #TIME100  featuring the pioneers, artists, leaders, icons and titans who have had the most impact this year

Crowds gathered outside Sen. Lindsey Graham’s home in D.C. early on September 21 to protest the possible replacement of Supreme Court Justice RuthBader Ginsburg before the presidential election

Calling all billionaires with a belief in democracy! @chrislhayes  explains how “naked ballots” could cost Joe Biden the Pennsylvania vote and why an educational campaign is more important than ever.

'We will not tolerate the use of chemical weapons in Europe, in Russia or in Syria,' French President Emmanuel Macron told the U.N. General Assembly

A trash tsunami has hit beaches in Honduras with the eyesore hitting tourist-dependent beaches economically