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The youth of the Tampa secondary playing like seasoned vets. And without their best player (Winfield Jr). Must be some good coaching and development going on...

Any guesses as to who installs Redzone gameplan for the #Chiefs  offense each week? 🤔

Mac Jones could not have had a better day than he did today at @seniorbowl  practice. Total command of every play he participated in, and threw the ball with exceptional accuracy. @AlabamaFTBL  @macjones2017 

I know new #Texans  HC David Culley very well. If you want to wish someone the very best going forward, this is the type of human being you do it for. He has my respect and I could not be happier for his opportunity.

No shock whatsoever that Stafford will find a new team quickly. He is a damn good QB that can make unique level throws. With quality support/good system-relationship he will win big. Right away.

What does this even mean “I think we make too much money to voice an opinion “? People who “make too much money” have been voicing their opinions for a long time, both now AND back in the day, as they should. This makes zero sense.

Love Todd Bowles. Have always advocated for him. Last night isn’t a shock. He is a defensive wizard. Knows the game as well as ANYONE, and showed you what he learned from the regular season loss to KC by how he adapted.. He deserves a second chance as a HC. That’s nothing new...

Mahomes made some throws last night that no other QB I have ever seen or played against (and I played against Marino, Elway, Young, Moon, Montana, etc) could have dreamed of making. And they should have been caught. For touchdowns. That’s how weird that game was.


Listen people. If he had caught Mason Rudolph the right way, he could have killed him or hurt him very very badly. F that. This is serious.

You find out a lot about yourself when you hit rock-bottom. You also find out a lot about others when you hit rock-bottom.

If u have any experience w/loved one that struggles w/mental health/addiction, u know just how difficult it can be to overcome & control. My heart breaks for Josh Gordon on a basic human level. The hell w/football. I’m talking about the man. Never quit fighting

So this story about Jermaine Gresham is exactly the kind of story that needs to be trending. He looked to HELP someone he had no obligation to help, simply because he could, and NOT because he was looking for something in return. Sounds pretty damn cool huh? #respect  ??

Julio Jones showing you how to act if you really wanted to be both paid AND respected. Not that hard now is it....

Are the Big10 schools shutting down campuses and not allowing students to be around each other in dorms, classrooms, student unions, and any other setting where they could gather? Are they going 100% remote ? Just asking...

Whoever this clown is that said this, you are trash for referencing Andy Reid and his family and his son. You don’t “fix” people dumb ass. To speak about another man’s child is out of bounds. Embarrassing what people will do to try and be relevant.

Is it really that difficult to understand that THIS could be YOU if you don’t take the proper precautions and stop gathering in large crowds? Is living your life “how you want” worth it? Read this and ask yourself that question...

QB Carson Wentz will be the #nfl  #mvp  for the 2019 season. Just wanted to put that out there on this spectacular holiday. You’re welcome. #eagles 

This is the dumbest “football” video I may have ever seen for so many reasons. What are we even doing here?