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Oh Andy, Andy! 😉✍️💯

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Centre-backs as strikers, full-backs in goal? When best-laid plans go awry, football managers are often forced into finding creative solutions to unforeseen problems.

🔟 occasions when Reds have been deployed in alternative positions: https://t.co/gnh90IvTre
Counter-attacking at its fiercest best! 🔥🔥🔥

The last time we played our next opponents, it took the Reds less than 14 seconds to defend a #CPFC corner and score one of our own at the other end. ⚡️⚡️

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“In previous years, we have been able to play really well one week but then the next we wouldn’t have looked like the same team. Consistency's so important if you want to be successful.”

@JamesMilner on the Reds' progression 👊➡️https://t.co/PSAaDNvT4K
“The relationship with the coach is good. He understands things about us, things we need to improve on.” 🙌

Fabinho on his centre-back role, Klopp's man-management and the feeling of netting his first Reds goal ➡️ https://t.co/rE07y0pfbZ
He just doesn’t stop running! 🙌👏

Watch Robbo’s immense performance against @OfficialBHAFC...💯

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“My senior debut was very good, a proud moment obviously. It shows the manager and the first team give opportunities.” 🙌

Rafael Camacho on making the most of his chances around the first team ➡️ https://t.co/tvpfWidIcw
Melwood under the lights. 💫

📸 More photos as Reds continue Palace prep: https://t.co/3gvoXN88sZ
THAT @VirgilvDijk nutmeg on Bobby Firmino...👀👏👏👏

Inside Training > > https://t.co/QPGO79JlYK

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🗓 #OnThisDay 20 years ago, the Reds were on fire as we thumped Southampton 7-1. 🔥🙌

Even @Carra23 scored a goal on the right side of the pitch! 👀

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