Most of the British public want a second EU referendum, according to a Sky Data poll.

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BREAKING: Iranian health sources have told the BBC that at least 210 coronavirus patients have died in the country, far higher than the official toll.

Joe Biden: “I’m looking forward to appointing the first African American woman to the United States Senate.”

JUST IN: Over $6 trillion has been wiped off global stock-markets in the worst week since the Global Financial Crisis

New Yorker coronavirus cover shows Trump with a mask over his eyes, to critique his response

BREAKING: UK reports its first case of human-to-human transmission of coronavirus

The best protection against coronavirus is washing your hands -- but you have to do it properly: 🚿 Wet your hands 🚿 Lather, making sure to get soap in all the nooks and crannies 🚿 Scrub for *20 seconds* 🚿 Rinse and *dry thoroughly*

JUST IN: France's health minister advises people not to shake hands due to coronavirus outbreak

JUST IN: Google employee in Geneva tests positive for coronavirus

Greta Thunberg tells young activists to 'be the adults' as 30,000 climate protesters descend on Bristol

Breaking News: A U.S. federal appeals court blocked President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, a central pillar of the administration’s hard-line immigration agenda