London Aftr Midnight

London Aftr Midnight

London After Midnight is a music project by writer, vegan, political & animal rights activist Sean Brennan. LAM has toured the world & influenced many artists.

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"Isn’t is funny how Trump and Republicans in Congress only like wealth redistribution when it involves taking from the poor to give to the rich?"

#ImpeachTrump "Your daily reminder that Donald Trump is denigrating our standing abroad and putting our national security at risk. At every turn, he has sold out America for his own personal interest. Instead of...

#GunsAreTheProblem The gunman used a locally purchased Glock 45 9-millimeter handgun with an extended magazine and had four to six other magazines in his possession, according to one of the people briefed on the investigation.

#Idiocracy Republicans’ disdain for intellectualism was on display in Wednesday’s hearing

#Bernie2020 New poll of California Democrats shows Bernie Sanders leading as Elizabeth Warren nosedives

#GunsAreTheProblem Easily accessible guns are the problem. NOT video games, NOT mental health, NOT social media. To combat shootings, conservative Texas lawmakers look at social media, video games, mental health


Trump Is Just Another Crooked New York City Landlord #TrumpLies  #RacistTrump  #CriminalTrump  Donald Trump is a homegrown creature, a species well known and justifiably loathed by...

Calling out lies in the media is not "piling on". It's a warranted check on power, power that too often disproportionately negatively affects POC & women by perpetuating the stuts quo. You'd do well to keep this in mind & start being more honest in your TV appearances.

NYC's $15 minimum wage hasn't brought the restaurant apocalypse — it's helped them thrive #RaiseTheWage ...

Barnes & Noble book stores have over 50 gun magazines on display. This 9 year old wants to change that. PETITION - Sign & share

New study: Facebook "the most important mechanism facilitating" fake news Political scientists estimate that...

Need another reason to be vegan? Here it is: Growing global demand for beef is hindering efforts to combat...

How to sell a massacre: NRA's playbook revealed #GunsAreTheProblem  #NRAIsATerroristOrganization  • Three-year undercover sting reveals how US' National Rifle Association handles...