Travis and i are on great terms and our main focus right now is Stormi ‼️ our friendship and our daughter is priority

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I've waited all year to be near to the #OneIveBeenMissing , this Christmas ❤🎄🎁

Without prayer, our life and mission loses all its meaning, strength and fervor. #ApostolicJourney 

I quit after 2ne1’s disbandment😁 I only work for my girls♠️♥️

A missionary Church knows that its best message is its readiness to be transformed by the word of life, making service its hallmark. #ApostolicJourney 

Revoking peoples access to me is my favorite flex...

The Institute for Fiscal Studies is in danger of destroying its own credibility: its attacks on Labour's manifesto have crossed the line from reasoned analysis to ideology. As an economics journalist don't trust them anymore. Here's why... 1/

The moment Meghan was told royals can be fired...

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