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Your genre is a music industry.

Puttin Points Up Create Wins!!! Anything else is... uncivilized!!

Leave The Losing For Losers!!!!

You Can Win If You Focus Tho!!!

Unfettered capitalism, disconnected from a sense of moral & ethical responsibility to people & planet, has done & continues to do immeasurable damage. It will only be changed by an awakening of We the People. The political establishment that enabled the trend will not reverse it.

Okay Wait, Is Tom Holland Still Going to Be Spider-Man?

Britney Spears admits she 'never knows who to trust' and feels 'lonely' surrounded by 'fake' people in LA

#AaliyahPinto , 16, missing fro #Chichester  #WestSussex  since 25/7: You're not alone. Call or text 116 000

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🍟 @Y_Not_Festival  has come and gone! Find out what happened wh @CraigxMitchn  hit up the Giant McNugget box and challenged 100 festival-goers to show us the most creative ways to smash a nugget! #McNuggetsTour  @McDonalds