[PIC] Lee Won Geun untuk merek fashion 'CHASECULT'. #KWI 

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Lee Geun

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I want to give up something for lent to just feel something !

@Sonia4Him Get ready and assemble the squad! #TwentiesOnBET  premieres March 4 10/9c!

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I am humbled and extremely grateful to the greatest and most loyal audience in all of television. While I don’t take myself seriously, I do take my job and responsibility very seriously....

What kind of artists do you think DaBaby will be looking for? 🤔

... Our entire team works diligently daily to bring our audience the truth, and news and information the media mob ignores...

.. For 3 plus years the media mob has peddled lies, slander, smears, one conspiracy theory after another, one hoax after another and it’s hurting this great country...