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Kip Moore

#TheBull now available:

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We have a limited edition autographed “Wild World” package. Grab yours at

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Thanks for the on the lookout in the morning. Cheers

Word is out! My new album “Wild World” will be available on May 29! Get all of the info with @billboard 

I’ve read your direct messages & realized playing yesterday was more important for some people due to the times than any real concert I’ve done. Wasn’t gonna, but might have to do it some more. In it together

The 2nd batch of autographed vinyls & cds sold out as well. Gonna do another 2k batch up on the website today! .net NOT .com

To the nurses, EMT’s, doctors etc that we’ve all so casually taken for granted through the years, if you follow this page, Thank you a million times over for all you’re doing. Cant imagine...


Everything you need to know about a person is in how they treat a server at a restaurant. Everything

If your parents taught u 2 hate people of color they're idiots. If you're an adult & still spewing their hate, that makes u a bigger idiot

You get ONE ride. One. Treat people with that in mind..experience life w that in w that in w that in mind. Cheers

Surround yourself with people who are kind to those they gain nothing from. #freegame 

For those in nashville that are “truly” struggling w finance during this time, I teamed up w the Wild Cow to allow those in NEED a free meal. It’s a running tab till it’s gone. Just tell um it’s on kip’s tab. Cheers

Do it because you feel it...not because you hope others will see it

Social media is simply uncovering how absolute crazy humans have been all along...

That’s a wrap. Record #4  is done.