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Reporter covering cybersecurity/privacy. Author of COUNTDOWN TO ZERO DAY: Stuxnet and the Launch of the World's First Digital Weapon. Signal user.

Latest Scoops

Trump had wanted to revoke CNN Acosta’s press pass for months but had been talked out of it by aides. "This is a matter of the president now being on his own without any countervailing force... It’s just 100% Donald Trump doing what Donald Trump wants.” https://t.co/bWXVVJzjFh
In-Q-Tel, the CIA's venture capital arm that invests in technologies/companies geared for the intelligence community, is opening offices in London and Sydney https://t.co/nn8975FfLf
For all of you ballot designers needing a crash course on the art of designing an election ballot so that voters won't, you know, overlook an important race on the ballot https://t.co/IhLkRGizyj
When is a recount not a recount? When it's conducted in Florida. Here's a piece I wrote about why the high-profile recount in the U.S. Senate race in Florida is not really a recount https://t.co/IJpUx6t5zl
Woman remotely wiped her iPhone X after police seized it for investigation into drive-by shooting. Police are supposed to place seized phones immediately into Faraday bags to prevent them from connecting to GSM or WiFi networks and being remotely wiped https://t.co/Tb6820yjd0
"In 2006 we burned over an entire engine crew, in 2013 an entire hotshot crew, and now in 2018 an entire town. Is an entire county next? Certainly an entire national forest could burn. An entire state? Be careful when it comes to saying something “can never happen” in wildfire"
Used to be that wildfires burning 100k acres were an anomaly. And "until recently fires have mostly just nibbled at the edges of municipalities. The Camp Fire just seemed to walk over the top of the town and keep going. This was something new altogether." https://t.co/CRLJceDVDJ
Me too. Sometimes it pays off. : )
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