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@SenJoniErnst asks what would have happened if US troops withdrew from Afghanistan last year?

My personal opinion echoed by others in the intel community is that a precipitous and disorderly withdrawal...would have had negative effects.
-nominee LTG Scott Miller
“The problem is, we’re afraid Trump wants to get rid of troops there altogether,” said a current US official over Trump canceling August “wargames” with Seoul.
By @KimDozier back as Contributing Writer to ⁦@thedailybeast⁩ w/thx ⁦@NoahShachtman⁩ https://t.co/xNfblYst7z
AP FACT CHECK: Trump's repeated nonspecific references to a Democratic law appear to involve a 2008 one passed unanimously by Congress, signed by Bush, focused on freeing kids who arrive without a parent or guardian. It does not call for family separation. https://t.co/mx1ABQVJy2
Antarctica's ice sheet is melting 3 times faster than before. In the last quarter century, the southern-most continent's ice sheet — a key indicator of climate change — melted into enough water to cover Texas to a depth of nearly 13 feet. - ⁦@AP⁩ https://t.co/p8pfEANOIf
What are North Korean troops up to as Kim & @Potus prepare to meet?

“It’s all quiet.” — @DeptofDefense chief Mattis
⁦@AP⁩ FACT CHECK: Trump's stats on trade are wrong. He’s “using some goosey numbers to rationalize his aggressive rhetoric on trade-disregarding strong points in US competitiveness to paint a dark portrait of a world taking advantage of his country.” https://t.co/Gnure3b47b
Putin is willing to meet Trump whenever US is ready:”The US president has repeatedly said that it's reasonable to hold such a meeting....As soon as the US side is ready, the meeting will take place, depending, of course, on my working schedule."⁦@AP⁩ https://t.co/pRZ7xV3kn6
@POTUS slam-tweeting @JustinTrudeau shows he wasn’t expecting public censure (the type he usually doles out); could presage new united Brit-Can-Euro front to stand up to Trump - &/or refuse when US needs troops, sanctions help.
W/ & @AnaCabrera@RonBrownstein
“If you hear me say ‘maximum pressure,’ you’ll know the talks didn’t go well...All I can say is I’m totally prepared to walk away.” — @POTUS on #NorthKorea talks
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