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The ten top human rights stories of the year include:
1. Russia's intolerance of jokes.
2. India's sex offender registry.
3. US LGBT discrimination.
4. Philippine "drug war."
5. US detention of immigrant families.
6. Russia's arrest of Jehovah's Witnesses.
As California's Gov. Jerry Brown prepares to step down, he has the power to commute the death sentences of 740 people, striking a powerful blow to the death penalty. He should act. https://t.co/sjO1d0iGRK
Thanks to Pres Maduro’s corrupt and repressive mismanagement, “Venezuela’s economy has shrunk by half since 2014—a feat few others have achieved in peacetime.” https://t.co/hW0W6dvK1Y
Urgent: Ugandan police just raided hotel where rapper-politician Bobi Wine was staying ahead of concert tonight in Jinja. He escaped but is now hiding, fearful for his life as police search for him. Pressure needed to stop this effort to silence leading critic of Pres Museveni.
The @McKinsey consulting firm held a major retreat just four miles from a sprawling internment camp that China is using to detain some of the one million Uighur Muslims it is subjecting to forced indoctrination. https://t.co/UkIcNGIg8w
As gun killings in the US mount, there has been a welcome surge in gun-control laws. We need a deluge. https://t.co/KfAZewrauU
Beyond detaining anyone who publicly disagrees with him, the Saudi crown prince is even detaining people who publicly agree with his announced "reform" efforts because he wants to be seen as the sole driver of reform, not responding to activist pressure. https://t.co/Xal4DoAvTm
Congo’s Pres Kabila hopes to run things from behind the scenes—and protect the wealth he has corruptly accumulated—by using violence and manipulation to tilt elections to his chosen successor. Congolese people must now decide whether his strategy works. https://t.co/wye3h9cVkI
The US Senate's double repudiation of Trump shows the limits of his "alternative facts" denial of the Saudi crown prince's role in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi and his prioritization of US arms sales over ending the bombing & starving of Yemeni civilians. https://t.co/yzB5TNboVY
Human rights in the Middle East are in a dismal state but there are signs of significant pushback: https://t.co/ksxIt7XsP1
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