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Latest Scoops

Autocrats of the world loved Trump UN defense of "sovereignty," their bastion against criticism of their repression. https://t.co/EgONXFBNSh
Dangerously short-sighted for hard-line Israel backer to fund Islamophobic propaganda aiding far-right German party. https://t.co/MFWgc44sVN
Germany isn’t all about far right: huge “people’s lunch” after human rights award in Nuremburg for Syria chronicler of Assad prison deaths.
UN SG @antonioguterres presses Congo Pres Kabila to get on with it already and hold elections for his successor.. https://t.co/nF2b1dCvzq
“Caesar” dare not show his face, fearing retaliation, but his photos give a face to 1000s of Assad’s prison victims. Honored in Nuremburg.
As Afghan Taliban seize territory, clinics shut down, leaving people bereft of urgently needed medical care. https://t.co/4R6RheWbHo
Nuremburg gives human rights award to "Caesar," revealed photos of Assad prison victims.
Call to open the prisons, bring killers to justice.
Weeks ago this was Bangladesh forest. Now 400K Rohingya refugees live here, driven from homes by Burma army. Video: https://t.co/O5nv0i8Mzf
As world's largest humanitarian disaster, Yemen presents duty for Macron to stand up to Saudi pressure and endorse UN international probe.
The indiscriminate destruction caused in Hiroshima/Nagasaki should give pause before Trump threatens same in NKorea. https://t.co/4bnkUNeLcg
With 400K+ having already fled in mere weeks, Myanmar army seems determined to wipe Rohingya Muslims off Myanmar map https://t.co/aW0toRN8Se
Australia PM Turnbull lacked courage of his convictions on same-sex marriage, forcing needless pseudo-poll instead. https://t.co/LNOW5XHc6T
This is no time to be complacent about Congo: Kabila's quest to cling to power is a recipe for violence and chaos. https://t.co/x5ou5AfBA7
Succumbing to pressure to curb migration, Greece's highest court elevates the fiction of a "safe" Turkey over the rights of asylum seekers.
Judge rules: denying services to same-sex couples is no more permissible than denying services to, eg, blacks. Yep! https://t.co/332VFCfX01
On eve of German election, Nuremberg exhibit opens of “Ceasar” photos of Assad’s victims—a horrid reminder of why Syrian refugees fled.
Macron campaigned a as a defender of human rights. Will he live by those values in Yemen to back a UN investigation? https://t.co/hl6JHC3Rg9
Canada joins Netherlands at UN to insist on international investigation of Yemen war crimes despite Saudi opposition https://t.co/S0wB3mNrrR
No de-escalation zone here as Syrian mother and daughter activists from anti-Assad family are murdered in Istanbul. https://t.co/oWvmbCblh6
Bucking the prevailing xenophobia in government, a record number of Brits are opening their homes to refugees. https://t.co/sVbVVRAPFP
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