Ken Dilanian

Ken Dilanian

Intelligence and national security reporter for the NBC News Investigative Unit, based in Washington. Former AP, LA Times, USA TODAY, Philadelphia Inquirer.

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New: State Dept., local governments and congressional candidates are using software with a flaw that the NSA says Russian hackers have exploited via @NBCNews 

The “correspondent” on the story Trump cites here also works for Sputnik, a Kremlin propaganda network. The story is based on an anonymous post to a conspiracy web site.

Larry Kudlow on Fox this morning: “I spoke to our health experts at some length last evening. They're saying there is no second spike. Let me repeat that. There is no second spike.” Kudlow in February: “We have contained this, I won’t say airtight but pretty close to airtight.”

Trump on Fox: “When we took it over from President Obama and Biden the military was a joke. The military was depleted. They had planes that were 50, 60 years old. They had old broken equipment. We had no ammunition.” Apparently the SEALs shot bin Laden with musket balls.

Report: Devastating theft of CIA hacking tools stemmed from "woefully lax" security via @nbcnews 

Trump 'furious' about 'underwhelming' crowd at Tulsa rally via @nbcnews 

Sen. Chris Coons just now on the new Stone case allegations: “I don’t think we have seen a moment where the rule of law is as seriously at risk” since Watergate.

If intel about a tree falling lands in the President’s Daily Brief, does it make a sound?

New: An official familiar with the intelligence tells me it shows that American service members and Afghan civilians died as a result of bounties paid by the Russians. But many natsec officials--not politicals--continue to downplay this intel. So many unanswered questions.