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This morning, I talked with @JohnKingCNN  about our newest #UNUMShort , which explores how the elections of 1928, 1932 & 1936 changed how we think of the electoral map and redefined American politics for decades. Watch the full video on @UNUMKenBurns .

This line speaks to me. Good advice from @fmanjoo ⁩ “There’s unexpected value in consulting the originals.” via @nytopinion 

The United States is a big, complex, contradictory, controversial, majestic republic. At PBS we’re trying to include everybody. So I say happy 50th today PBS. You’ve aged well. @wetatvfm  @PBS 

We think the electoral map is static. Blue states will always be blue. Red states will always be red. And only swing states determine elections. History suggests otherwise. In a new #UNUMShort , we look at 3 elections that changed how we see the map.

Today at 1:30pm ET, join me, Bob Costas, @nlbmprez  & @JPosnanski  for a conversation about the life & career of my good friend & baseball legend Buck O’Neil. Here is one of my favorite moments of Buck in our film BASEBALL – go to @UNUMKenBurns  for more

Charley Pride was a trail blazer whose remarkable voice & generous spirit broke down barriers in country music just as his hero Jackie Robinson had in baseball. His last performance was his hit, "Kiss an Angel Good Mornin.” Now he is one. @CountryMusic 

Joined the staff of @politico . They had an opening (for this morning). @PBS  @UNUMKenBurns 

If you missed our event last night, we've archived it here. Also, join us tomorrow night as we take on Hemingway and Journalism with @KCStar  and @KCPT  Filmmaker Q&A: Hemingway and Childhood


Many factors contributed to the Civil War. One caused it: slavery.

We've interviewed many men and women who have served our country over the years. Not one was a loser. They were all heroes. Here are a few.

Big thanks to @Bankof America, who helps make it possible to tell the story of America through country music. Tune in Sept. 15 on @PBS  at 8 pm ET to watch my latest documentary, #CountryMusicPBS  and learn more about our partnership at #ad 

With events canceled & so much closed, I asked @PBS  to stream BASEBALL for free so we can participate in the national pastime together. Watch at the link below or on any streaming device. And please look out for those with greater needs. Play ball. @MLB 

The gov’s official name for the Civil War is the "War of the Rebellion." These men led that rebellion, wished to preserve slavery, and were responsible for the deaths of thousands of LOYAL Americans. That’s the opposite of "Winning, Victory, Freedom." ?

I'm here to support teachers, not replace them.