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GQ Special Correspondent: THE CLOSER. On Bojack Horseman. Denounced by Trump. Co-owned by two Malteses, Stevie and Rose.

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And to be the rookie announcer of the night was also a thrill (one reserved fo @Noahsyndergaardr who beat us to the hand, foot and mouth disease and LLWS jokes and could out-deadpan comedian Steven Wright any day of the week)
My great thanks again to @Kurkjian_ESPN, @PerezEd, and @tvsully and his team for the amazing support and hospitality during Monday Night Baseball lon @espn. And thanks to the viewers who gave me the benefit of the doubt and enjoyed it. I’m overwhelmed and grateful
Rare pregame photo of Yankee Skipper Aaron Boone in his ACTUAL UNIFORM
We are ready. It is still not raining. I am wearing pants. Mets Yankees
Here’s the actual view from the espn booth for Mets Yankees tonight. Yes that is Mr Kuiper with a warning to the left
Ladies and gentlemen it is not RAINING* at Yankee Stadium so @Kurkjian_ESPN and @PerezEd will bring you the Mets and Yanks on ESPN at 7:00 EDT
* may be raining by the time you read this
Deepest condolences, Dan

Except these guys are portraying Mike Quade, Dale Sveum and Rich Renteria #Cubs
Ahem @Singytweets @BoogSciambi
Hate to interrupt Joe Pettini’s martyrdom or disturb your story https://t.co/8tLBgfItbc about his 1981 @toppscards baseball c@michaelsclaira@GemmaKanekor@Cut4d, , but no beard was airbrushed. This was the unretouched photo on his proof card. Pettini’s goofy look is all him.
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