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GQ Special Correspondent: THE CLOSER. On Bojack Horseman. Denounced by Trump. Co-owned by two Malteses, Stevie and Rose.

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Apparently Williamson is indeed ok after this. He just homered again, off the top of the CF fence. 399’
How bad was Mac Williamson’s crash into the LF wall on SF? This was the reaction of the batter, Bryce Harper. And Williamson stayed in
Classy thing to do, the day after Toronto’s nightmare yesterday. https://t.co/zEcVig9aK3
Bad. Better than what they went to in 1985. And most of the years since. Even if it does look like a screwed up division problemhttps://t.co/VEO22zRSpq
No it isn’t. Only since they started tracking pitch by pitch in the ‘90s. His teammates insist Luke Appling fouled off 24 in one at bat in 1940.https://t.co/cYFSxMfHO8
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1. Red Sox have historic start, lose opening day then go 17-1
2. Face A’s, losers of 11 of first 20
3. Sean Manaea of A’s, with no career Complete Games, no-hits Red Sox
4. For the unexpected, for the “any given night,” Baseball remains the greatest game
Attn @BoogSciambi Wilmer Flores of the Mets is working on the Reverse Cycle. Now been thrown out at 1st, 2nd, and Home...
If you wish to continue eating them, I cannot stop you and will not harangue nor harass. Just recognize you are eating sentient mammals who feel as much as your most beloved pets do. Trust me: if they up the ante on Tofu Bacon I’ll eat a pound a day.
Two Keiths, one take. How have @kher8286 and I remained professional friends for 20 years? We only talk Baseball and broadcasting and dogs and cats...
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