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GQ Special Correspondent: THE CLOSER. On Bojack Horseman. Denounced by Trump. Co-owned by two Malteses, Stevie and Rose.

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Just a reminder from 2013. The NHL “Original Six” includes four expansion teams, a replacement franchise, and the Montreal Canadiens https://t.co/ZtvZKfJw0F
Simultaneous New York Americans based anger with @wyshynski
The PA announcer at Bell Centre just referenced the apocryphal “Original Six.” @CanadiensMTL nearly moved to Cleveland in 1935 because the Montreal MAROONS were doing so well #ThereIsNoOriginalSix
Anybody shocked by this? The biggest lie of them all is “the liberal media.” American TV Political News buckles under the influence of right wing corporate influences like Jeff Bewkes of Time-Warner on @CNNhttps://t.co/oTTsfaDxlo
At 16, Rocky is safe and sound in a @FromTheHeartDog foster home. But if something about him says you want to give him a permanent family, let us know. PLEASE RT and meet Rocky here: https://t.co/MoHXNe3Zys
Princess was born @FromTheHeartDog and is now a lively 6-month old Chihuahua/Dachshund mix who loves everybody and can’t wait to grow up in a loving home. PLEASE RT and meet her at https://t.co/k3fINdTcaU
At 4, Sandy has survived heartworm and obesity and he loves life and everybody, man or dog, in it. This @FromTheHeartDog Shep mix is waiting for a forever home. PLEASE RT and meet him: https://t.co/XPGFBLzS0i
Look at this face! Despite his name, Scotty is a 10-year old Yorkie Mix who’s healthy, behaved and great with everybody except small kids. PLEASE RT and meet him at https://t.co/7inLQ7H4ly
Not quite 3, Spirit is a @FromTheHeartDog pibble Mix who literally was found starving on the streets. A little love turner her into the happiest playmate and all she needs is a forever home. PLEASE RT and meet her at https://t.co/yr3Zr87Xei
Violet is a quiet 3-1/2 year old @FromTheHeartDog terrier mix. She overcame all kinds of calamities and still favors one leg but is a loving companion in search of a forever home. PLEASE RT and meet her at https://t.co/ynPaTVgTYv
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