Asset Allocations Global / Treasuries / Gold / Utes

Great week for our core Asset Allocations during Global #Quad4  = Treasuries, Gold, REITS, Utes

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Asset Allocations Global / Treasuries / Gold / Utes

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More people are investing in water. “Scarce, clean water is the resource that is defining this century, much like cheap, plentiful oil and gas defined the last century.”

...and we're LIVE! Tune in as the @SenateGOP  leadership team speaks with the press 👇

Time to launch all-day fries. Right now, McDonald's is on pace for its worst earnings reaction day since 2009. $MCD

Justin Trudeau was re-elected as Canada's PM after a closely fought election revealed a deeply divided country. “Ours is a team that will fight for all Canadians,” Trudeau said.

California Governor Asks AG To Investigate High Gas Prices, But Not 'Mystery Surcharge'

The question "is how much of everything that has been built in the last decade...can last if and when the silly times are over?"  @ShiraOvide  on fire here.

Wondering if a crypto or ICO investment is right for you, if it’s legal… or whether it’s a scam? These resources can help:

Tom Lee on CNBC calling for a "year-end rally", just like last year

The U.S.-led military coalition succeeded in toppling ISIS’ self-declared caliphate in Iraq and Syria just this past March. Now, write @bk31  and @mikercarpenter , Trump’s withdrawal and Turkey’s invasion are enabling a revival of extremism.

🔥 SCOOP: Trump has been privately testing the idea of replacing acting CoS Mulvaney with Steve Mnuchin or Kellyanne Conway, people familiar tell @SalehaMohsin  @JenniferJJacobs  @stevenmnuchin1  @KellyannePolls