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Join @ClateMask  Keap's CEO and founder, Keap Partner sponsors and many other agency experts at the @traffic_summit  #DAX2019  on Sept. 17– 19. Register below and receive a $500 ticket discount.

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Keap Partner / Sept

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In the past 24 hours, Ilhan Omar has: 1)Petitioned Israeli voters to vote out Netanyahu 2)Defended Iran’s regime, saying “lying Trump” is to blame for escalation Like I said, she’s not in office to serve the US.

Saying "Hello, Chicago!" when you're in Detroit is a gaffe. Racism is not a gaffe.

Sean Spicer urges Dancing with the Stars fans to vote for him: "Those of us who stand for #Christ  won't be discounted"

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HERO OR TRAITOR? Fmr. NSA contractor Edward Snowden is interviewed via video link to promote his new memoir, 'Permanent Record.'

"I wouldn’t be against it," @BillGates  says, referring to @ewarren 's wealth-tax proposal.

Federal spending on children in the US fell to the lowest level in a decade in 2018, negatively impacting working families with children, according to a report by the Urban Institute.

This Pirates season has been a nightmare.

Take a look inside the Northwest ICE Processing Center in Tacoma, Washington (Via @DCExaminer )

The true story behind "Unbelievable," Netflix’s gripping new drama about the women who solved a serial rape case

Films produced, 2017. India: 1,986 China: 970 United States: 821 Japan: 594 South Korea: 494 France: 300 Germany: 247 Spain: 247 Italy: 235 United Kingdom: 212 (Various sources)