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Oh, just for an ounce of the elegance, grace and decorum of Diane Foley who says she does not agree with the death penalty in any circumstances. Her son, James was beheaded by jihadis

@BBCRadio4 #today
The name’s Boulton, Adam Boulton. Happy 60th birthday to a friend and colleague who I have worked alongside for more than 30 years. Sometimes stirred, never shaken 🍸

What a big-hearted #valentinesday gesture it would be if you could spare a few quid to help this amazing woman. Link below. Thank you
Watch out for my article about why I climbed Ben Nevis. Coming soon @DailyMailUK
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Entry in the diary of Theodore Roosevelt whose wife and mother died on the same day. 14th February, 1884
I hope you and your seven followers can find it in your heart to forgive me, Vladimir
Comments like this from politicians who should know better, lead to the vilification and assaults on journalists.

Broadcast news organisations in the UK are guided by strict laws that could result in our licence being revoked if we are not fair and balanced.

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So, to be clear:
1. It was Bush who did the relocation deal, not Obama
2. Central London site owned by Duke of Westminster not US
3. South London is not a shithole
Pls share this photograph of aid worker #AlanHenning rather than any other that might be used to degrade his memory
Sky sources:first police officer on the scene (rugby player) took on all terrorists until he was forced to ground. Serious condition in hosp
I was reminded today about Joe Biden's approach to work/life balance in this letter to staff
I need security to escort me from my place of work

These people are not pro-Brexit. They are pro-intimidation

They specifically target me and scream ‘slag’, or‘fucking fascist’ over and over and over again and those are just some comments I can mention in polite company.
Parisians stand in line to donate blood. 99 people still critical after #parisattacks
This was in my inbox this morning.

‘This is why men hit women’

If you receive a call purporting to be from HMRC and threatening arrest over tax fraud, as I just did, it’s a scam!

Please make sure older family and friends don’t fall for it 😡
From this graphic you can see how #Blatter would have no clue about alleged corruption at #FIFA - via @McKenzieCNN
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