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Katie Hill

Candidate for Congress in #CA25 Santa Clarita and Antelope Valley Native. We can do better, together.

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I know I’m tweeting a lot about homelessness. But @realDonaldTrump  here’s the real reason homelessness keeps going up in high rent areas (SF, LA, etc). There are answers in the House bill. Get McConnell on board & I’m sure @NancyPelosi  will send it over.

We all know @realDonaldTrump  takes direction from Fox more than anyone in his administration or in military command. So if he changes his tune on Iran I guess we will have Tucker Carlson to thank? Weird but I’ll take it.

Just found out that my mom has to have brain surgery on Wednesday. Please send thoughts and prayers.

Controversial POV: when asked why you’re the best suited to be commander in chief the answer should not be “because I oppose all wars.” When most Senators voted for a war nearly 2 decades ago bc they were deceived by Bush is not something we should still litigate. #demdebate 

@ENBrown  I was a teenager & led a protest to the war at my conservative HS. But I also wasn’t casting a vote, given top secret briefings w/ false info, & responsible for the safety of all Americans. I’m glad I wasn’t in that position, but I have a small sense of what it was like to be.

Credit to @elizabethforma  for the best line of the night: “The men on this state collectively have lost 10 elections. The only people on this stage who haven’t lost a race are the wo #demdebateen.  “

Friendly reminder that I was with @KamalaHarris  from the beginning & haven’t endorsed anyone since. My commentary about any of these candidates or what’s being said tonight doesn’t indicate endorsement. And I will campaign my ass off for any one of them in the fall. #demdebate 

Seeing #neverwarren  trend is giving me flashbacks to 2016. Can we just... not?

Yesterday my brother Danny - a young man who overcame so much in his short life with so much promise ahead - passed away. My heart is breaking & I’ll miss him forever. Prayers for our family in this impossibly difficult time would be appreciated. 💔(photo at boot camp graduation)

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In this time of horrible tragedy for our family I’m asking for your help (because my parents would never ask.) If you’re able to give anything to help with funeral & other arrangements for my baby brother, it would mean a lot. Grateful for your support. ❤️