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Everything that drowns me makes me wanna fly

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Baby bump out and about for our @CopperFit launch event! #katelovescopperfit #sodoesbaby
#throwback to getting @Strong4MeFit on set with @CopperFit! #katelovescopperfit #strong4me
I had a great day with @CopperFit picking some of my favorite pieces from their new line... too hard to choose!! #katelovescopperfit
With such a busy lifestyle it took a long time to find a workout routine that was effective, practical, and not just a quick, pre-photoshoot fix. With @Strong4MeFit I’ve been able to keep a consistent, healthy lifestyle and have never felt better! 30 min or less - check it out!
I stopped working out to fit in a certain dress size and hit certain measurements. I wanted to feel strong, confident and healthy for myself! #Strong4ME @Strong4MeFit
After almost 10 years of trial & error I started working out with and@benbruno1 have never felt more confident and strong! Once I realized I’m not alone I’ve wanted to share our routine w/ women everywhere. And.... is @Strong4MeFitlaunching TODAY!Link in bio, I hope you enjoy!!
Thank you to all who have served and sacrificed since the attacks on #911. It was an honor to walk alongside so many military, veteran and first responder families this weekend at the @winsforwarriors Patriot Ruck #NeverForget
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Honoring my grandfather this weekend while rucking in Downtown Detroit with my family #WWIIVeteran
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