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McConnell, per @hillhulse ⁩, regards the impeachment fight in much the same way as he did the struggle last year” to confirm Kavanaugh, “in which he was primarily concerned with protecting his Senate majority by insulating vulnerable incumbents”

@MsMagazine  Katz adds: 1. Ford never was confused about who attacked her 2. Ford's parents supported her throughout 3. Ford's friend Leland Keyser offered private expressions of both belief and support, despite later stating that she lacked confidence in Ford's account

"Human beings don’t include every detail of a story each time they tell it, especially when the story involves difficult personal history":

Another great @mattfleg  hit: former FBI director James Comey as he frets, Tweets, and speaks about the coming #2020Elections , even as some blame him for ushering in the current administration via ⁦⁩ @nytimes 

Blackstone wants to invest in Citadel: noteworthy scoop from @lizrhoffman ⁩ and Rachael Levy

Am I right that there are way fewer mailboxes in New York than there used to be? Been carrying a letter around for two weeks without spotting one.

Whoa. Read this terrifying @Boeing  scoop from @dgelles  and @Nataliekitro  on foreseen problems with the 737


Deborah Ramirez was having a hard first year at Yale. Then came a drunken dorm party with another freshman named Brett Kavanaugh. From my new book w @rpogrebin 

In 1983, Judge#Kavanaugh  penned a letter to seven friends about the arrangements for Beach Week. He said they should warn the neighbors they were "loud, obnoxious drunks" and "prolific pukers." Our story

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Obama said today that since WH isn't doing what it should, he'll be working personally to let citizens know about #ACA  open enrollment.

Jared Kushner met with Apollo and Citigroup executives. The firms then loaned money to Kushner Companies. A ticktock of what happened and why it raises ethics questions by

Not usually active in public protest, Wall Street women line up for Saturday's march. My first @nytimes  feature

“Americans should know that there are adults in the room.” Simply extraordinary op-ed by an anonymous, sitting White House official