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A Solo follow-up of any kind sounds unlikely

This month we’re taking a look at how cloud innovation is helping to support the technology industry and wider society through a global pandemic.

My comment about Zoom and other similar products. This is from our webcast yesterday.

@Telefonica  makes $22M buyout deal to #Peru  investors following criticism of a prior move

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Ray tracing? SSDs? Here's what all that means for Sony's next console

Thousands of Philadelphians attended a 1918 parade. Within 72 hours all 31 of the city's hospitals were overwhelmed, and 2,600 people had died.

Coronavirus: DJ Jazzy Jeff recovering from pneumonia, fears he may have COVID-19

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Resting Bored Face might just be that person's default expression. Let's not jump to conclusions, okay?

Trump’s trade war created a sweet-ass laptop stockpile for US schools (story by @dcanellis )