Kamala Harris

Our national security and foreign policy nominees are the leaders we need to meet the challenges of this moment—and those that lie ahead.

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India begins the world’s #LargestVaccineDrive . This is a day of pride, a celebration of the prowess of our scientists and hardwork of our medical fraternity, nursing staff, police personnel and sanitation workers. May everyone be healthy and free from illness.

India is guided by a human-centric approach that will always work to further global good. #LargestVaccineDrive 

The #LargestVaccineDrive  that started today is guided by humanitarian principles. That is why the vaccination drive first covers those who need it most, those who are tirelessly working on the frontline.

A swift and people-powered response to the COVID-19 global pandemic. #LargestVaccineDrive 

The Trump Impeachment is like the coronavirus vaccine – you need two doses, and still no guarantees.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday launched the world’s biggest vaccination drive @narendramodi  #vaccinationCovid  #VaccineForIndia  #COVID19 

In a talk delivered to a group of educators in 1963, James Baldwin insisted that a more honest reckoning with history was necessary.

Writers from Tolstoy to T. S. Eliot have written about the mystery and majesty of voyaging by train at night.

Harsh Vardhan visited AIIMS in Delhi ahead of the launch of the immunisation drive against coronavirus #HarshVardhan  #CoronaVaccine  #VaccinationDrive