Great news: my friend @harrisonjaime ’s race has now been labeled a toss up! It’s going to take all of us to flip that Senate seat from red to blue and send him to the Senate. Can you chip in now?

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“My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.” —RBG I’m standing with @Ocasio2018  at James Madison HS—RBG’s alma mater and mine Dems are united in fighting to honor RBG’s last wish and all that’s at stake for health care and Americans' rights

Congratulations to the cast and crew of @SchittsCreek  for their historic Emmy's sweep tonight - and for bringing such joy and humour to all our lives these past six years. And to all Canadians who were nominated this year, we’re so proud of your great work too.

Here’s the thing - people who give $25 or $10 or $3 don’t just stop there. Once they invest, they start advocating. And tonight, 2,900 people donated $102,000 to Cal Cunningham. That’s a whole mess of new advocates for @CalforNC . Great job, team. cc @brianschatz 

Trump’s campaign cash advantage has evaporated. He started the month with about $141 million less in the bank than Biden. @ChadSDay 

@SecPompeo : Our maximum pressure campaign on the Iranian regime will continue until Iran stops spreading chaos, violence, and bloodshed.

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Townhall's @guypbenson 's analysis of the vacant Supreme Court seat is a must-watch.

And obvious if American politics consisteed entirely of cosmpolitan college graduates, there would be no need to try to figure out how to pitch policy ideas to more culturally conservative audiences. But … it doesn’t.

“Money in the bank”: Leading Florida Republican politicians are launching an all-out effort to convince Trump to nominate Lagoa for SCOTUS — a move they say would boost his reelection chances in the must-win swing state w @fineout  & @Mdixon55 

Census Could Look 'Manipulated' If Cut Short By Trump Officials, Bureau Warned