Breonna Taylor

It’s been 122 days since Breonna Taylor was murdered in her own home. The officers who killed her are still walking free. I will never stop demanding justice for her family and loved ones.

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Breonna Taylor

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"Today, I am signing an executive order to ensure that the Federal government lives by a very simple rule: Hire American." US

The national COVID response was a historic and colossal blunder by the federal government. Six months and this virus is still out of control around the country. Six months wasted.

Our dysfunctional health care system becomes more cruel each day: -5.4 million Americans lost health insurance -92 million people are uninsured or under-insured While the health care industry made $43 billion in 3rd quarter profits We need Medicare for All now more than ever.

COVID isn’t a political issue and it should never have been politicized. Masks should never have been turned into political symbols by the president. None of us are safe until all of us our safe. Tell the truth, Mr. President.

Asked Trump why the US has so many deaths compared to so many countries around the world. Trump claims the US has done “an amazing job” on the coronavirus.

One teacher already died from coronavirus. Two more are sick. And the new school year hasn’t even started. A gut-wrenching read about the impossible decisions our educators are facing. They deserve so much better.

In Yemen today, 80% of people require humanitarian assistance in one form or another. It's time to end the war on Yemen and stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia. My message to the recent Birmingham event against the war on Yemen 👇

I don’t know Ellen, but this WaPo chronology makes the whole “scandal” look like an exercise in Cancel Culture trying to destroy her bc she wasn’t woke enough to throw Kevin Hart overboard or be hateful to George W Bush. Today’s Left is deeply intolerant.

Manhattan prosecutors on Monday told a federal judge that their probe extends beyond hush-money payments and pointed to public reports of "extensive and protracted criminal conduct" at the Trump Organization, per @eorden ⁩ @KaraScannell ⁩

The United States Postal Service is not equipped to handle the logistics and volume of mail-in ballots - manipulation, fraud and delays will occur.