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Don’t worry, Mr. President. I’ll see you at your trial.

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Mr President

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Statement on behalf of Cassidy Hutchinson issued by her counsel Jody Hunt and William Jordan: “Ms. Hutchinson stands by all of the testimony she provided yesterday, under oath, to the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol.”

A reporter posted on Facebook “If you send me your address, I will mail you abortion pills.” Within a minute, Facebook took down the post. Then she switched the words “abortion pills” with “a gun”. Facebook did nothing. The message stayed up. No joke.

With MAGA Republicans and a MAGA extremist Supreme Court attacking LGBTQ+ rights, women’s rights, and so much more: We will keep fighting and we will keep working for the rights of all Americans.

I’ve read a few articles on the gun safety bill that suggest there isn’t anything in it that could have prevented the Uvalde shooting. That’s wrong. Of course we can’t know for certain, but there are several provisions that could have stopped that massacre. 1/ Let me explain:

I know something about statutory interpretation &prosecution.I don’t want the MO law to say what it does, but right now the law allows for women to be prosecuted for terminating pregnancy & also for using any device or substance which inhibits the implantation of a fertilized egg

3/ The police likely knew Ramos was dangerous. That call would have given them key information that a kid in crisis was rushing out to buy guns the minute he turned 18. The police could have taken steps to intervene.

The rupee is currently volatile and touched a series of record lows against the American currency.

As VP, Joe Biden’s staff emailed Ukraine-centric information to Biden’s secret email address and Burisma board member Hunter Biden. The WH refuses to provide any information about @POTUS’s non-official email accounts. @ChuckGrassley  and I asked the WH these questions:

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