Kamala Harris

If Congress doesn’t pass gun safety legislation in the first 100 days of my presidency, I will take executive action to keep our communities safe.

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Continuing to stay home as much as possible, - and wearing a face covering and staying six feet from others in public - will help Arizona businesses re-open more quickly and let us start safely moving around our communities again.

In the rich world, the twin shocks of 2008 and 2020 have unleashed the financial power of governments. @scmallaby  considers whether this new era of greater and greater spending will last:

The Trump Presidency has “already given us an impeachment trial, a deadly plague, and the biggest economic collapse since the Great Depression,” @sbg1  writes. “We can now add the worst riots in a generation.”

#ElSalvador : On May 31, the Government of El Salvador issued a red alert & declared a state of emergency for the entire country due to Tropical Storm Amanda - flooding, landslides, power/water outages, & difficult travel conditions throughout the country.

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National security adviser says foreign powers trying to exploit US race relations

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Trump and his advisers are eager to cut into Biden's support w black voters. After @KayLyme  came to WH to discuss Covid, Trump telephoned her, asked how he could help. Jared sought her out at at Ypsilanti even last wk to do same. But then Trump undermines it w his rhetoric

@KamalaHarris echoes the call for independent investigations when there are allegations of excessive force or unlawful killings by police. #politicsnation  #georgefloyd 

I'm seeing so many #BLM  & solidarity marches in small towns on Facebook today; it reminds me a little of how the women's marches took place all over the country and not just the big cities. Where are you seeing marches?

I am grateful to Mayor @VaughanNancy , Mayor Pro Tem Yvonne Johnson, GPD Chief Brian James, @gcsoffice  Sheriff Danny Rogers, Rev. @OdellCleveland  & Rev. Deon Clark for meeting to discuss recent demonstrations in Greensboro & across the country. Statement⬇️