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Kamala Harris
a few moments ago i reminded attorney general nominee william barr that the war on drugs has been an abject fa
A few moments ago I reminded Attorney General nominee William Barr that the War on Drugs has been an abject failure.

America has an addiction crisis and we should be putting our resources toward combatting drug addiction, not locking people up.
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The Hill
@thehill 3 hours
breaking white house claims total and complete exoneration after mueller report
#BREAKING: White House claims "total and complete exoneration" after Mueller report
Mark Murray
barr summary of mueller s findings on conspiracy collusion is incredibly narrow would not include any talks or
Barr summary of Mueller's findings on conspiracy/collusion is incredibly narrow.

Would not include any talks or discussion with WikiLeaks, for example.

Question is whether Mueller's full report details anything below "tacit or express" coordination b/w campaign & Russian gvt
Ari Fleischer
now that mueller says there was no collusion it is time to scrutinize the obama administration they spied on a
Now that Mueller says there was no collusion, it is time to scrutinize the Obama Administration. They spied on a US campaign, wiretapped Americans, bit on the dossier and unmasked Flynn. What did Barack Obama know and what and when did he authorize it?
Rep. Eric Swalwell
no summaries show us the full report mueller sent over every word every comma every period muellerreport
No summaries. Show us the FULL report Mueller sent over. Every word. Every comma. Every period. #MuellerReport
Gov. Mike Huckabee
it s not just feeling good today as of today the dems and the utterly discredited disgusting deplorable and di
It's not just @realDonaldTrump feeling good today. As of today, the Dems and the utterly discredited, disgusting, deplorable, and dishonest FAKE NEWS goons like CNN, MSNBC, WAPO, NYtimes, etc. have officially crumbled worse than my 2016 Presidential campaign. Thank you!
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Chuck Schumer
2 years 19 lawyers 40 fbi agents analysts accountants amp other staff 2800 subpoenas 500 search warrants 230 c
2 years
19 lawyers
40 FBI agents, analysts, accountants, & other staff
2800 subpoenas
500 search warrants
230 communication records
13 requests to foreign governments
500 witnesses
37 indictments
199 charges

Americans want the truth. They deserve the full Mueller report. Now.
David Axelrod
one question what the mueller probe established according to the ag is that the russians hacked the dnc and en
One question:
What the Mueller probe established, according to the AG, is that the Russians hacked the DNC and engaged in an aggressive, covert campaign to influence our election.
So why did @realDonaldTrump stand next to Putin in Helsinki and meekly accept his denials?
Bret Baier
no matter your ideology or your loyalties this is a good day for america no american conspired or cooperated w
No matter your ideology or your loyalties -this is a good day for America. No American conspired or cooperated w/ Russia in its efforts to interfere w/ the 2016 election-according to the Special Counsel’s report. There will be a lot to mull over but that is the bottom line
Robert Reich
folks the attorney general just let the president of the united states off the hook for obstruction of justice
Folks, the Attorney General just let the President of the United States off the hook for obstruction of justice in one of the biggest investigations in recent memory by releasing a 4-page memo on a Sunday afternoon.
Glenn Greenwald
msnbc hosts should collectively go on the air bow their heads in shame and apologize to the public for what th
MSNBC hosts should collectively go on the air, bow their heads in shame, and apologize to the public for what they've done. Outlets should fire the ex-CIA, NSA and Pentagon officials who used their disinformation training to help these "news agencies" mislead everyone:
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