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CA Attorney General. Candidate for US Senate. Dedicated to fighting for justice & giving a voice to the voiceless. Wife, s-mom, sister, aunt. Aspiring chef.

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Decriminalizing marijuana at the federal level isn’t just the smart thing to do, it’s also the right thing to do. We can’t keep repeating the same mistakes of the past. Too many lives have been ruined by these regressive policies.
Republicans are trying to ram through Kavanaugh’s nomination, setting his hearings for 9/4—but thousands if not millions of documents from his career are still hidden from the public.

RT to show the GOP that you want to see ALL of Kavanaugh’s records before the hearings begin.
Good news in New Orleans. It's time to end our broken bail system — whether you stay in jail shouldn't depend on the size of your bank account. Congress should pass my bill with Senator Rand Paul.
The Violence Against Women Act provides survivors the aid and services they need, and helps to hold offenders accountable.

It expires at the end of September. We must re-authorize it.
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A lot of you have asked how you can help defeat Kavanaugh’s nomination. First, call your Senators to voice your opinion at (202) 224-3121. Second, talk to friends and family about what’s at stake with this Supreme Court seat. Third, keep up the pressure by attending rallies.
Thinking of Heather Heyer, Lt. H. Jay Cullen, Trooper-Pilot Berke M.M. Bates, and their families today on the one year anniversary of their death. We must continue to honor their lives with action.
As white supremacists gather in our nation's capital today, it’s on all of us to deal with our nation’s weakness and denounce racism when we see it. Let’s stand on the side of justice, equality, and tolerance.
In an effort to rush through Kavanaugh’s nomination, the GOP set his confirmation hearings to begin on Sept 4—nearly 2 months before the National Archives said Kavanaugh’s documents could be reviewed. This means no one will be able to look at his full record before the hearings.
A look at how lives changed after that tragic weekend in Charlottesville.
📹: @nowthisnews
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I can’t believe this still needs to be said in 2018, but every woman deserves access to safe, affordable, and comprehensive reproductive health care — and that includes abortion.
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