Houston Texans / South / Chiefs

The Houston Texans are in sole possession of first place in the AFC South after its win against the Chiefs.

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Houston Texans / South / Chiefs

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"A teacher can deduct only up to $250 on his or her school supplies," Sen. Brown says, discussing President Trump's tax records. "Donald Trump deducted $70,000 for doing his hair."

It essentially accuses Cameron of hiding behind grand jury secrecy requirements while misleading the public about evidence the grand jury actually saw. It asks the court to release the record in the interest of justice, transparency, and accountability.

Breaking News: The coronavirus has killed more than one million people worldwide since it emerged, more than influenza, malaria, cholera and measles, combined. The agonizing toll, compiled from official counts, far understates how many have really died.

BREAKING: Grand jury member in Breonna Taylor case says Kentucky AG used "jurors as a shield;" seeks to have transcripts released.

Um, does anyone else have a problem w/tote bags full of absentee ballots being carted off in white vans via a Biden-promoted scheme in Madison, WI, which has received $2M in "election integrity" grants from Obama/Zuckerberg-tied group? Cuz@VickiMcKenna  & I have a problem w/it!

Trump’s worst poll numbers against Biden were during the summer COVID surge. Even if you do not care at all about people’s health and safety, if you’re a GOP governor, the *worst* thing you can do, politically, is lay the groundwork for a spike right before Election Day.

I'm in! Lets do it! A lot of people will benefit from this @TheGoodFightFDN 

JUST IN: More than 1 million people have died from the coronavirus worldwide, according to data from Johns Hopkins University

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BREAKING: Police are reporting a 911 outage nationwide

NEW: Attorney for fired former FBI Chief of Counterintelligence, Peter Strozk, allege in court filings that documents purported to be his hand-written notes were altered. He says the notes, which were filed by Ret. Lt. Gen. Flynn's attorneys, include the addition of two dates.