Cedar Falls

GOAT YOGA: Cedar Falls farm offering yoga classes with baby goats

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Cedar Falls

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President Trump slams Democrats on faltered negotiations: "They wanted to bail out poorly run Democrat states... We're not going to do that."

Hong Kong media mogul 'held over alleged foreign collusion under national security law'

Children with Covid-19 are hospitalized infrequently compared with adults, but the rate has been growing

There is something extra perverse when authoritarians round up the sons and daughters of their target as well. Jimmy Lai has shown he's willing to give up his wealth, his freedom, for his convictions. So they go after the only thing that might break him: his children.

Rep. Ted Lieu: "It was under the Obama-Biden administration that the Veterans Choice Act was signed into law -- we know that's a good law because Donald Trump keeps trying to take credit for it."

At least 97,000 children in the U.S. tested positive for the coronavirus in the last 2 weeks of July. The report comes as parents and education leaders grapple with the challenges of resuming schooling.

AG Barr: US facing new form of 'urban guerrilla warfare' driven by left's 'lust for power'. #MAGA  @realDonaldTrump ⁩ #AmericaFirst  #Dobbs 

It took just 17 days for the U.S. to go from four million cases to five million

The people clamouring for a CFB season should have put as much effort into telling people to wear a mask, social distance and stay home for the last 5 months

Reproductive freedom means equal access to: ✔️ Abortion ✔️ Gender-affirming care ✔️ STI and HIV testing ✔️ Miscarriage care ✔️ Family planning ✔️ Contraception ✔️ Childbirth support ✔️ Sex education ✔️ Prenatal care