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A new robot can make fried chicken and serve it up in a box. Is this the future of fast food and how do you think these new machines will effect jobs at fast food eateries?

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Short-term health care coverage backed by Trump administration are costing patients more money than Obamacare plans

WATCH: Sen. Kennedy presses Acting DHS Sec. Wolf on coronavirus preparedness and equipment: "You're supposed to keep us safe. And the American people deserve some straight answers on the coronavirus — and I'm not getting them from you."

"Individuals don’t operate in isolation," #MeToo  founder @TaranaBurke  says of Harvey Weinstein following his rape conviction. "You don’t become Harvey Weinstein overnight without having systems of power around you to keep you in that position."

Le Batard on the cancellation of @HNonESPN : “The cancellation of that show is a victory for dumb people.” Hashtag Amen.

Paranoia over the coronavirus is being felt in Chinatowns from Sydney to New York and from San Francisco to Toronto as customers and tourists stay away

Iran has struggled to import medicine and other supplies—including the kits used to diagnose coronavirus

He crawled for nearly seven hours, until his phone received a text—signaling he'd reached a spot where he had cellphone service.

Relying on ride-sharing apps is worse for the environment than owning your own car

Lamonte McIntyre spent 23 years behind bars for a double murder he didn’t commit. Yesterday, he was awarded $1.5 million to settle a lawsuit for his wrongful conviction.

If coronavirus is still spreading in the U.S. on Election Day in November 2020, it's time to start thinking about how to prepare today. If you're a state legislator or governor, you need to start now