Allosaurus / North America Late Jurassic

NEW DINO! Allosaurus jimmadseni was a huge carnivore that inhabited the flood plains of western North America during the Late Jurassic Period, between 157-152 million years ago.

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Allosaurus / North America Late Jurassic

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In Opinion @maureendowd  writes, "It’s funny that Donald Trump doesn’t like a movie about con artists who invade an elegant house and wreak chaos. He should empathize with parasites."

All these countries shutting down their borders over coronavirus is kind of funny because at the same time you've got a large group of open borders activists in the US and many politicians calling for breaking up CBP and decriminalizing undocumented border crossings

"It's not normal" Italy has imposed strict quarantine restrictions in two northern coronavirus "hotspot" regions

@BernieSanders ’s victory in Nevada is historic not just for his campaign. It is historic because it suggests that we may be living at an inflection point in our democratic life together. That we may be paddling through a bend in the river of history.

Indian Army sources: Indian Army to take action against state police forces and private security agencies wearing military camouflage uniform. There are policy guidelines which prohibit paramilitary and state police forces from wearing uniforms donned by the military. (1/2)

Four of the cruise ship passengers brought to UK test positive for coronavirus, bringing number of UK cases to 13

Delhi Deputy CM: It's a matter of great pride for Delhi Govt, teachers & students that US First Lady is visiting a Delhi Govt school. It's a big appreciation for us that the work of AAP govt in education sector, especially Happiness classes, is being recognised in the world. 1/3

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"The resentment by young tangible. There is a sense of a need for change." Jon Snow is one of the very few Western journalists allowed inside Iran to report on the country's crucial elections. This is what he has seen.

Wondering how Bernie won in LAS VEGAS, the gleaming temple to capitalist excess? Well, it - feeds off desperation in a winner-takes-all economy - runs on exploited immigrant labor - sits on a labyrinth of tunnels where the homeless live + die - is running out of water #Bernie2020 

A dr treating coronavirus victims in hong kong just told me he doesn't think the world is aware of the dangers. Thinks, based on what he’s seen, the virus is far more widespread than being reported. “If you see one cockroach, you know there are more”