Australia Tuesday

AMAZING: A woman took off her top and rescued a koala bear caught in the middle of a fire in Australia on Tuesday. STORY:

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Australia Tuesday

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This photographer has taken a picture of himself nearly every day for 20 years. He combined the images to make this incredible video.

Barack Obama shared a sweet birthday message for Michelle with a photo booth

Irony Is Beheaded As Brian Stelter Joins HBO to Combat Fake News a Week After CNN Paid Millions In Lawsuit Over Fake News

New impeachment documents show more texts about possible surveillance of former US ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch

"It is time to abolish billionaires, because we cannot afford them, the planet cannot afford billionaires," @GretaThunberg  said.

The usual autocrat retirement package is unappealing: death, jail or exile. That trend has played out in Russia, too. In the 100 years before Mr. Putin took power, only 3 of 9 leaders retired. The rest were executed or died in office.

Trump impeachment lawyer Alan Dershowitz previewed his defense strategy to Ari Melber, arguing that abuse of power isn’t an impeachable offense.

The messages show that Derek Harvey, an aide to Rep. Nunes, was far more involved than previously known in what appears to be a robust effort by Republicans on the House Intelligence Cmte. to investigate Ukraine-related matters.

TIMES NOW reveals that even children are not being spared from the hate propaganda. Watch: Children made to chant hate-fueled slogans against the establishment. More details by TIMES NOW's Sherine. | #SpareTheKids