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Latest Scoops

Winds will be gusty in the mountains through Friday at 7am
High Surf Advisory for our beaches through Sat at 4am
Our mountains have received some fresh new powder!
Federal workers affected by the shutdown are applying for unemployment and food stamps to get by as the longest government shutdown in U.S. history heads into day 27
More info: https://t.co/6CV6QSqV8m
Sunday night there will be a total lunar eclipse and supermoon, all wrapped into one
Details: https://t.co/2qzdE5SitP
New Study: Less than 6 hours of sleep increases risk for heart disease
More info: https://t.co/DAKIjzwEIY
Actress Betty White celebrates her 97th birthday today🎉
Details: https://t.co/ojtdbs5gth
A student allegedly brought a screwdriver to Mount Carmel High School today and threatened to harm other students, prompting a lockdown at the Rancho Penasquitos campus.
Details: https://t.co/3khtEneO4z
KUSI contributor and AM760 radio host, Mark Larson, talks about going into day 27 of the shutdown and what we can expect in the coming days.
Full interview: https://t.co/eifTrHBWti
Today marks the 25th Anniversary of the Northridge earthquake.
Details: https://t.co/01WzEulwal
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